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  • 20170921_ec

    Custom-ordered bag on a ceremonial day

    Excuse me for being personal, I had a wedding in February this year. I had about three months to pre...
  • 20170605_ec

    Revival of No.30

    Our bags are made of natural materials such as cotton and linen canvas. Therefore many of them have ...
  • 20170322_ec

    Graduation bag

    "Hmm? That’s one of our bags, but the color combination isn't." One day, Ms. K, a student part-...
  • 20161210_ec

    Partners for ten years

    Picture above: From left R−05 small・R-05 large Day after day, whether it is a sunny, rainy, windy...
  • 20161205_ec

    And then, Santa Claus …

    I can't believe it's already December and it’s the Christmas season! Although I'm not a Christian, ...
  • 20161010_ec

    Awata Festival, 2016

    Kyoto has so many festivals! I find them absolutely thrilling and so novel as I am from the eastern ...
  • 20160601_ec1

    New color combinations of our most popular tote-bag!

    The H-04 series is hands down, the single most popular bag at our shop. We are therefore happy to an...
  • 20160206_ec

    History of metal parts is the history of the bag

    Since we offer repair services, we receive a variety of bags from our customers every day. Each is...
  • 20151205_2ec

    Shout of exultation at the Empire State Building

    It’s a bit strange having to admit a “first time” at my age but my week-long trip to New York in Nov...