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  • 20151205_2ec

    Shout of exultation at the Empire State Building

    It’s a bit strange having to admit a “first time” at my age but my week-long trip to New York in Nov...
  • 20151105_ec

    New York for the first time

    About 30 years ago, our shop was featured in the March 27,1988 issue of the New York Times. Our shop...
  • 0c4208b2bce18a0a2e3ef083521c2f4c1

    The exhibition has just started!

    The exhibition of “The art-bag auction in support of the reconstruction of the Tohoku area” that we ...
  • アイキャッチ

    Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu x Top Artists = Reconstruction Support for Tohoku. The Last Auction!

    This season has come around again. For the third and last time, we, at Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu, ar...