ICHIZAWA SHINZABURO HANPU - Manufacture & Sales of Canvas Bags


  • 20151205_2ec

    Shout of exultation at the Empire State Building

    It’s a bit strange having to admit a “first time” at my age but my week-long trip to New York in Nov...
  • 20151105_ec

    New York for the first time

    About 30 years ago, our shop was featured in the March 27,1988 issue of the New York Times. Our shop...
  • 20150831_ec

    Craftsperson’s tool bag

    From the left 17G, 17C, 17E When I joined our company, I was given a set of work tools. I remember ...
  • 20150806_ec

    Despite the changing times

    The furniture designer I know uses Bag No.93, small. He carries all his tools in it, such as chisel,...
  • 20150617_ec

    What is Ichizawa-style?

    From the left, S-05 Medium・S-05 Large・S-05 Small It’s our 110th anniversary and it’s been more than...
  • 20150605_ec

    110th Anniversary New Products Part③

    The last one is shoulder bag S-27. “I designed this one-shoulder type bag for riding on a bicyc...
  • 20150529_ec

    110th Anniversary New Products Part②

    Next is shoulder-bag S-26. “I usually make bags out of thick canvas. However, there are only a coup...
  • 20150523_ec

    110th Anniversary New Products Part①

    Every month our company holds a special meeting to make prototypes of new products. Our craftspeop...
  • 20150501_ec

    Mother’s bag

    It’s going to be Mother’s day soon. It’s not because of that that I phoned my mother. “Are you still...