ICHIZAWA SHINZABURO HANPU - Manufacture & Sales of Canvas Bags


  • 20161205_ec

    And then, Santa Claus …

    I can't believe it's already December and it’s the Christmas season! Although I'm not a Christian, ...
  • 20161028_ec

    Skatto bags

    When I had just joined the company, Emi, our boss’ wife often told me anecdotes about the company, o...
  • 20161010_ec

    Awata Festival, 2016

    Kyoto has so many festivals! I find them absolutely thrilling and so novel as I am from the eastern ...
  • 20160926_ec

    Glimpse of school backpack in town

    Being a craftsperson, I always wonder to whom the bags I have made have gone. Once they leave our ha...
  • 20160915_ec

    Our new pattern, Hitotsuki

    In western countries, a dot is a symmetrical circle. In Japan, however, prefer slightly asymmetric...
  • 20160817_ec

    Perfect for Off Days

    To all fathers throughout Japan, I empathize with you for having to work hard despite the hot weathe...
  • 20160803_ec

    New color combinations of H-13 with an inner-pocket

    There were only four color combinations of H-13 with an inner-pocket. In its previous lifetime, it u...
  • 20160723_ec

    Crazy over off-white

    I simply love the natural off-white of canvas. The rough texture and slightly nubby feel of cotton s...
  • 20160701_ec

    Delightful revival of No.58

    Back in the Ichizawa Hanpu days, there used to be a bag just like this one. It was used originally t...