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Glimpse of school backpack in town

Being a craftsperson, I always wonder to whom the bags I have made have gone. Once they leave our hands, each bag seems to acquire a new life. When I chance to see one around town, I have the irresistible urge to ask the owner, “Do you like it?” as each is so different because it has taken on the characteristics of their owners.

The other day, I saw a boy who had our school backpack. As I had had a part in making the bag, I found myself checking what he had in the pockets, whether the metal parts were OK or the straps hadn’t gotten frayed. Since it was a boy, I assumed that it must be treated rather roughly but there seemed to be nothing wrong with it – no tears nor obvious wear. I was so relieved that I impulsively whispered in my mind, “Please hang on until he graduates!” I think this kind of small happiness is what encourages me in my daily work.

Our backpack R-01, is popular not only for daily use among grown-ups but also children as a school backpack. Since it’s made of cotton canvas, it’s light and sturdy as well as being waterproofed. Compared to a leather school backpack, it can be used anytime, anywhere and as long as he/she likes. We welcome you to take the bag in your hands and see how you like it at our shop.

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