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Partners for ten years

Picture above: From left R−05 smallR-05 large

Day after day, whether it is a sunny, rainy, windy, or even at times a snowy day, I always use my daypack R-05 large.
It’s a standard shape, and can be used by anyone irrespective of age or gender, and has been a long seller at our shop for many years.

The zippered top opens wide so that it is easy to see what is inside and you can put in and take out the item you wish without any problem. Besides the sturdy pocket in front, it also has pockets on both sides. I often put my coin purse or mobile phone in the side pocket as it has a flap. It also comes in handy when riding a train as I put my ticket in it and so do not need to worry about losing it. The other pocket can hold a 500ml PET bottle which can be put in or taken out easily even with the bag on my back.

Time passes quickly and I realize with a start that I have been using it for 10 years already! Besides commuting, I use it when I go hiking in the nearby Daimonji and Atago mountains, and when I go to the Koshien stadium to root for the Hanshin-Tigers baseball team. It is with me all the time, even when I go shopping at the supermarket and has become my good “partner”.

I will continue to use it with care so that I can show it to you in another 10 years in as good a shape as it is now.


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