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Graduation bag

“Hmm? That’s one of our bags, but the color combination isn’t.”

One day, Ms. K, a student part-time staff, came to work with a bag that had an unusual color combination. I asked her about it, and she said that it was given to her as a graduation memento by Gosho-Minami Elementary School in Kyoto about ten years ago.

It was a custom-made version of our H-05(03) bag. At the time of its making, parents got together many times to discuss the particulars of the bag and finally settled for different colors for the handle and the body. It was a really special bag that overflowed with the various dreams and expectations the parents had for their children. Now the fabric is softer with use and is more “her”.

“When I first received it, it didn’t really appeal to me though the PTA said, ‘It is a special bag made just for you, the sixth-grade students.’ I also thought the color was a little too somber. However, when I went to cram school as a junior high student and also at university, it was always in my hand. Now, I can truly appreciate what a special gift the school had given me. Perhaps this bag has also lead me to find part-time work here.”

The name of the school is printed on the inside of the bag. It’s unobtrusive yet has a look of pride. This is because it reflects the feelings of the many people who had a hand in its making, I think.

When Ms. K opens it to put in or take out something, she sees the school name, and feels alternately comforted and encouraged as it brings back a flood of happy memories.

“When someday it is worn out, I’d like to bring it in for repairs so I can continue to use it for a long time!”

The feelings of the parents have reached her through her use of the bag for ten long years.

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