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A new item – key case

At the kindergarten my son used to go to, a key was given to each parent so they could open the gate when they came to pick up their child.
One day, the key was replaced with an IC key card for security reasons. A while later, my wife said “It’s really troublesome carrying the house key and this card key separately. I’m worried that I’ll forget to take one of them.”
This set me thinking as to how they could be carried together, and came up with an idea for this key case.

In spite of its simple shape, it took an inordinate amount of samples to get it just right. For example, adjusting its size, attaching a key ring properly, and so on.
After its design was more or less decided upon, I thought what if it could hold coins, so I added a small zippered pocket to it. I gradually became more ambitious and added a hook for the bicycle key as it needed to be detached/attached according to need.
When the prototype was finally completed, I asked several of the staff to try it out, and even our boss, Shinzaburo, helped test it out for usability.

Finally, a key case that has never before been in our lineup off products was completed with careful consideration to simplicity of shape and details such as the thickness and size of the key ring.
I am sure that you can use it in various ways especially as IC cards are being introduced for use at various public transportation networks such as buses and trains, as well as at convenience stores.

From inception to completion, the key ring has taken a couple of years to become a feasible merchandise. My son graduated from kindergarten this spring and is an elementary school student now. I can already anticipate the time several years from now when I look at this key ring and am inundated with fond memories of my son as a child.

Z-34 5,000 yen (tax excluded) Black(black)・Blue-gray(Beige)・Light-brown(Beige)

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