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Revival of No.30

Our bags are made of natural materials such as cotton and linen canvas. Therefore many of them have a rather casual appearance.
This bag, No. 30, is characterized by its simple design and a leather catch. As the leather part gives it a certain cachet, it goes well with even slightly formal outfits. Furthermore, it can comfortably accommodate B5 sized documents.

Although it has not been on our shelves these past ten years or so, customers often ask us, “I’m looking for this bag. Don’t you make it any more?”
Now finally, it has made its re-debut with a “Ichizawa Hanpu” brand tag!
It seems that a number of our regular customers, who have used a variety of our bags over the years, often come with No.30 slung from their shoulders. Their bags have been lovingly used as can be seen by how they have changed in texture and color so that almost seem to be an integral part of their owners.

At first, I thought to introduce this bag as a perfect present for Father’s day. However, I realized that young women also look pretty good with it!
It seems to take on a different appearance as if it were a different bag depending on who is using it.
The picture is of a green linen canvas No.30, which has been used for over twenty years.
Can you get a feel as to what kind of person has been using it?

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