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New item –reinvented nail/tool pouch

In the past, we used to make pouches, which were worn hung around the waist, to hold nails for carpenters and evidence from crime and accident scenes for the police. Today, the Z-40 series, which can be attached to the belt, is still very popular.
This time, we have made a pouch that can be attached to the pant’s belt loop using carabiners used by rock climbers – our first time to do so.
Triangular shaped carabiners have been used to prevent the bag, as much as is possible, from swinging about when in use. After considering its specifications from various points including facility of attachment, we placed a special order for carabiners with an “ICHIZAWA KYOTO” engraving.
Thick canvas has been used for the pouch and leather parts to attach the carabiners.
Furthermore, the length of the front pocket has been carefully calculated to hold pens and knives, as requested by our shop staff, one of the persons selected to try out the bag when the prototype was completed.
The pouch can be used as a shoulder bag by adding the optional strap.

I truly hope that it will be used in diverse situations such as on walks, trips, outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, DIY, and when tinkering with machines, or working at a store.
I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from our customers as to how, when and where the pouches have been used.

 Product No.:Z-41
 Price:8,000 yen(excluded tax)
 Size:H 20 x W(Upper 18/Bottom 13) x W 5 (cm)
 Colors:Japanese Red・Olive green・Black・Navy

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